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When you need help… you find Amico Mio®

Amico Mio® is designed to take on the heaviest jobs. Thanks to its extreme manoeuvrability, it can be used by a single operator who can easily carry out dragging operations for very heavy loads by simply using a screwdriver.

The portable winch is made entirely in Italy, its shell is made entirely of aluminum and all the materials that make it up are tested to last over time and to withstand intense work cycles.

LThe winding speed of the steel rope (18 m per minute) guarantees speed of execution, secure hold and resistance at the same time.


hunting, construction, boating, hobbies & do-it-yourself and all those jobs that require considerable effort.


Packaging e Dotazione

Packaging resistente.

Realizzato in cartone resistente protegge da scossoni e urti. 100% riciclabile.

Fascia ancoraggio.

Per ancoraggio al punto fisso. Certificata per una resistenza di 1.000 Kg.

Gancio fissaggio.

Per il fissaggio provvisto di leva di sicurezza.

Manico di orientamento.

Telescopico per consentire il riavvolgimento del cavo in maniera ordinata e sicura.

Fune in Acciaio 100 m.

Fune in Acciaio di alta qualità per garantire la massima resistenza e sicurezza con terminale a cappio.

Perno di sicurezza.

Per aggancio

  • Impugnatura ricoperta in corda
    Per una presa salda ed efficace
  • Albero di ingresso moto
    Ingresso riduttore per avvitatore
  • Manopola di sblocco
    In polietilene, materiale robusto e resistente.
  • Scocca in alluminio 5mm
    Resistenza e sicurezza assicurate.
  • Terminale fune a cappio
    Cavo di elevata resistenza.
  • Copri cuscinetto
    In polizene
  • Pattino anti-sbobinamento
    In acciaio inox e polietilene.
  • Attacco per palo
    Per il giusto orientamento del cavo.
  • Handle covered with rope
    for a firm and effective grip
  • Motion Input shaft
    Reducer input for screwdriver
  • Release knob
    Polyethylene, sturdy and resistant material.
  • 5 mm aluminum shell
    Strength and safety assured
  • Steel rope with loop terminal
    100m high resistance cable
  • Bearing cover
    In polizene
  • Anti-unwinding shoe
    in stainless steel and polyethylene.
  • Pole mount
    For correct cable orientation

Amico mio at 360°

  • It is made entirely in Italy with the best materials to ensure long life even with intense loads and work cycles.
  • It is operated with a common screwdriver (not included) of adequate power and its recovery speed is tested at 18 m per minute.
  • Thanks to its low weight, only 9.5 kg., Amico Mio® is easily transportable and maneuverable by a single operator.
  • Portable winch designed to take on heavy jobs, its towing capacity has been tested and certified for 200kg.
  • Rewinding system using a steel pole (patented) which allows correct and easy use, avoiding overlapping of the rope during the recovery phase.
  • Ready to use: rich set of accessories included in the package for ready and immediate use.
Verricello portatile

Packaging and equipment

Resistant packaging.

Made of sturdy cardboard, it protects against jolts and bumps. 100% recyclable

Orientation handle.

Telescopic orientation handle to allow cable rewinding in an orderly and safe manner.

Fixing hook.

For fixing provided with safety lever.

Steel rope 100 m.

High quality steel rope to ensure maximum strength and safety with loop terminal.

Anchor band.

Anchor band for anchoring to the fixed point. Certified for a resistance of 1,000 kg.

Safety pin.

For hooking

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, thanks to its simplicity of use, it can be easily operated by a single person independently. It can be stored in a backpack and thanks to its weight of only 9.5 kg and its small size it is easily transportable.

Yes, it can be activated with any type of screwdriver with adequate power. The recommended one is at least 4N.

No, the winch does not make any noise, the only noise you will hear is that of the screwdriver.

Yes, thanks to the installation of the anti tangle and the adjustable handle, the rope rewinds in an orderly manner.

The 100 m long steel rope is extremely efficient and resistant. The maximum approved towing load is 200 kg.

No. While it is technically possible to lift weights, the tool was built, designed, and tested for dragging.

The maximum applicable load is 200 kg, it can be used for various applications including: log dragging, game recovery, boat hauling, tensioning of wire mesh for fences, passage of electric cables and polyethylene pipes in cable ducts, etc.

At the moment, Amico Mio can be purchased by calling +39 075 9869720 or by filling in the booking form. We will contact you providing delivery methods and times and payment methods.

The shell is made of aluminum with a thickness of 5 mm, light and resistant.

Yes, our warehouse always has parts available for replacement if necessary.

Yes, Amico Mio is equipped with the CE mark and use and maintenance manual. The warranty lasts for two years.

  • Included is:
    100 meters of cable;
  • Orientation handle;
  • Fixed point anchoring band certified for a resistance of 1,000 Kg.;
  • Hook equipped with safety lever;
  • Hook strap for correct rope unwinding;
  • User manual;
  • Certification CE;
  • Warranty certificate.

Shipping times may vary depending on the orders in queue.
For available items, shipping generally takes place within 4 working days following payment.
For lots in the production phase and in the absence of available quantities, the times are around 30 days.
However, it will be our care to notify the customer immediately after the purchase, providing the delivery times.

Amico Mio is shipped in a thick and resistant cardboard box. The internal packaging blocks the components to prevent kickbacks and jolts. However, given our propensity to respect nature, the packaging is fully recyclable. totalmente riciclabile.